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800 years after the foundation of Castrum Valli

800 years after the foundation of Castrum Valli

800 years have passed since the Podestà in Spoleto, Jacopo di Messer Giovanni Capocci, granted to the men of Vallo di Nera the right to live on the hill of Flezano, where a fortress, feud of the Duke Corrado from Urslingen, stood previously.




Therefore the ancient Castrum Valli, built in the heart of Valnerina, celebrates this important anniversary: a date, the 23 September 1217, and a long parchment certify the birth of this fascinating Umbrian village that maintains unchanged its medieval structure.


A two-days programme will allow to go through the centenary history of the small village that represents one of the Italian most beautiful Villages and a Touring Club’s Orange Flag.

The schedule includes exhibitions of old photographs, of the old parchment, of a special postal cancellation mark, a conference with important speakers, guided visits, an historical parade of the Umbrian events, tastings of typical products and entertainment.



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