39th Grape Harvest Festival

39th Grape Harvest Festival

For two days, on the 30th September and 1st October the splendid village of Penna in Teverina is going to turn into a small and magic box that will see as its protagonists grape, wine, must, barrels and vats. 

You will find a food stand where it will be possible to taste dishes of the Umbrian tradition: grape, wine, must and local pastries such as the maritozzi, the characteristic bread, the exquisite tisichelle, typical aniseed-flavoured donuts.


The complete programme of the festival follows:.

Saturday 30th September

8 pm: fixed-menu dinner in the historical centre with compulsory reservation.

Live music follows.


Sunday 1st October

9 am: opening of the food products fair.

12 pm: first round of lunch in the historical centre.

1.30 pm: second round of lunch.

3 pm: live music.

Throughout the afternoon free tasting of must, wine, grape and bread with must. 

For further information:


On Facebook: ProlocoPennaInTeverina                

Phone Number: 3278539019 - 0744993326

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