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2016/2017 Theatre season of Assisi's Lyrick Theatre

2016/2017 Theatre season of Assisi's Lyrick Theatre

The schedule of the new theatre season of Assisi's Lyrick Theatre will include musicals, dance, comedies, big events, premieres and much more. 

There will be a calendar rich with appointments, boasting 20 performances able to satisfy the audience of different ages and tastes, thanks to the wide offer on schedule encompassing different entertainment genres with big names in the national and international scene.

Don't miss out on the two performances in an absolute preview: "Sister Act", performed last year only at the Rome's Brancaccio Theatre, and "And… If time was a shrimp".

On the stage there will be artists such as Serena Autieri, Vincenzo Salemme, Emilio Solfrizzi and Nino Frassica.

There will be space both for the dance with "Nutcracker" and "Indigo" and for the big music with the Gospel Connection Mass Choir and the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

These are just some previews: what is needed now is discovering what else is in store!

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