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"Luigi Boldrini" Paleontological Museum

Since its opening on July 14, 2011, the Paleontological Museum of Pietrafitta has displayed the fossil remains found in the area surrounding the upper valley of the Nestore River.

The museum is called the "Luigi Boldrini" Paleontological Museum in honour of Luigi Boldrini, who began to form the first paleontological collection in the sixties.

In his role as an assistant supervisor of a mine, he systematically and continually inspected the digs. Currently the collection of fossil of quaternary lignite remains numberes several thousand specimens of its kind and it has become one of today's most important collections in Europe.

The mining activity developed in the Pietrafitta Basin, with its related "industrial archaeology", understood not only as the history of the works and machinery used by industry, but above all as the history of those who worked in the mine and therefore the social history of a particular industrial and geographical area, is a further element to reconfirm the cultural importance of the area.

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