A discovery journey through the valley carved by the Nera river, through amazing panoramas and woods dotted with sacred sites.

The Valnerina will amaze you with the sheer majesty of its nature, of the many little abbeys, ancient monasteries and timeless hermitages, of the popular traditions and cuisine, all known the world over. The mountainous landscape surrounding the Nera river is rich with breathtaking scenery, from the Plains of Castelluccio di Norcia to the Marmore Falls, areas where the many centuries of man's presence dots the landscape. Solitary, intense woods and rugged isolated mountains that over the centuries have been home to hermits and monastic orders in search of special places in which to dedicate their lives to God and meditation are still frequented by hikers and pilgrims from all over the world. It was in this ascetic environment that Saint Benedict, the Patron Saint of Europe, grew up. The purpose of these proposals is to bring together the tradition of pilgrimage and the modern needs of those who enjoy hiking or biking. And at the end of a day of touring ancient Benedictine monasteries, a fine traditional meal awaits you. We will not only provide you with descriptions of the places and attractions you shouldn't miss, but we'll give you detailed directions so that you can safely get to your chosen destination. Discover the beauty of this incredible eastern part of Umbria.