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Woman’s perception

Woman’s perception

“Woman’s Perception” is an exhibition project focused on the female world, whose goal is focusing on the “pink” view of reality through the art medium. 

This collective exhibition will develop in two different locations: in the historical Lanari Lodge in Perugia (8 - 23 July) and at the Civic Museum of Gualdo Tadino Flea Fortress (7 July - 20 August).

The exhibition intertwines he narrative threads of four artists: two painters, Ilaria Morganti and Tanya Naumchik, and two photographers, Miranda Gibilisco and Ribes Sappa.

They are fragments of stories, ranging from the intimate to the universal sphere, able to burst into art the depth and complexity of life, from a privileged observation point: the woman’s perspective.

Woman’s Perception wants to be a means to bring to light the topic of female art in a neutral way, by highlighting the contemporary representation through four distinct views. 

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