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Visit to the Teatro della Concordia

Visit to the Teatro della Concordia

"It was built small, so it would be in proportion with the town, but civilisation is not measured in square meters or volume".

In the heart of Monte Castello di Vibio, not far from Todi, is a real treasure: the Teatro della Concordia which, consisting of 99 places divided into stalls and boxes, is famous for being the smallest "Italian Theatre" and one of the smallest historical theatres.

Built at the wish of some local wealthy families and opened in 1808, the "Teatro piccolo" ("Small Theatre"), is the only one to faithfully reproduce in miniature the typical Italian and European theatres, although other theatres with less than 100 seats exist.

Made entirely out of wood and in a purely Goldonian style, its name was inspired by the harmonious atmosphere "concordia tra i popoli" ("harmony amongst peoples") in Europe following the French revolution.

Attention has been paid to even the smallest detail, and its beauty accentuated with the choice and quality of materials used as well as by frescoes which adorn the boxes and the vaulted ceiling, by Cesare Agretti and his son.


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