Wine and oil

Vini Doc e Docg Torgiano


A small town not far from the chief regional city, Torgiano owes its origins to the settlements that sprang up around the mediaeval castle, of which all that remains is a tower and part of the walls. It is no coincidence that Torgiano is home to two of Umbria's most famous museums, dedicated to wine and olive oil. This is a remarkable territory, and has always been a privileged environment for the production of quality olive oil and wine, for the nearby city of Perugia.

In the wine world, Torgiano is synonymous with the Sangiovese - the Torgiano Rosso Riserva DOCG - one of the first protected denominations in Italy and one of the few wines able to demonstrate the greatness of the Sangiovese outside of its preferred territory, particularly the nearby Tuscany.  However, this area is well suited to the cultivation of a large number of white and red grape varieties, whose excellent quality is perfect for the production of dry, dessert and even sparkling wines.