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Todi Festival

Todi Festival confirms itself as one of the main cultural appointments in Umbria and Italy, a laboratory of experimentation for new projects, a springboard for emerging national and international artists, but also a prestigious stage trodden by important names on the Italian and foreign artistic scene.

Waiting for Todi Festival 2023, scheduled from 26 August to 3 September, continues the tradition of entrusting famous contemporary Italian artists with the image of the event.


It is Ugo La Pietra who signed the manifesto that will accompany the promotion and running of the next XXXVII edition under the Artistic Direction of Eugenio Guarducci.

Considered one of the most complex artists on the contemporary Italian scene, Ugo La Pietra is a painter, designer, architect, sculptor, ceramist, exhibition curator, graphic designer and founder of magazines that have contributed to the critical debate on themes such as craftsmanship, industrial production, design and the concept of habitability. At the centre of his research, the concepts connected to the ethical dimension of work and the functionality of choices for the improvement of the environment inhabited and experienced by man.

In homage to the artist, an exhibition will be inaugurated on Saturday 26 August in the Sala delle Pietre on the first floor of the Palazzo del Popolo. On display will be about 40 pictorial and graphic works, drawings, collages and photographs, in La Pietra's typical style, between provocation and project, work and installation, basically following a logical thread that unites the theme of the city, the relationship between the individual and the urban context, between inhabiting a place and capturing the typicality of the so-called genius loci through the materials of popular production and local craftsmanship.

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