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Pablo Picasso. The matter and the sign. Ceramics, graphics

Pablo Picasso. The matter and the sign. Ceramics, graphics

It was 1917 when Pablo Picasso came to Italy, together with the scenographer and playwright Jean Cocteau, in search of creative inspirations.

On the occasion of the centenary of his Italian journey, Castiglione del Lago is going to pay tribute to the big artist with the exhibition "Pablo Picasso. The matter and the sign. Ceramics, graphics", that will be open at the Corgna Palace from the 29th April to the 5th November.  

The exhibition collects beyond 90 artworks: three famous series of drawings and etchings, "Le Cocu Magnifique", "Carmen" and "Balzac en bas de casse et Picassos sans majuscule", and a unique body of 29 ceramics, where the mark of Picasso is more evident and recognizable than ever.

The exhibition is representative of the creativity of the biggest and most influential artist of 1900, who tried, in the course of his long and intense life, all known artistic genres: painting, engraving, sketching and ceramics. The selection of artworks hosted in the inspiring Corgna Palace allows for an approach to a particular way of expression of Picasso. The value of this exhibition consists in the eloquent intensity of artefacts, executed mostly in a particularly significant historical period, marked by the end of the second world war.

In the section #ComePicasso visitors, both adults and kids, can leave their mark “in the style” of Picasso. The walls of a whole room are already full of writings and pictures that are the result of the individual creativity, which is expressed in full freedom and imagination in drawings and writings on panels and sheets. 


Opening hours

April - September 9.30 am  - 7 pm; October - November 9.30 am - 6.30 pm every day.

The ticket office closes half an hour before.

With the change to winter time (on the 29th October) the Fortress is going to be open until 4.15 pm.

It’s possible to book the special opening for specialized visits. 



The ticket includes the visit to the Corgna Palace and to the Lion Fortress.

Full € 8; reduced € 5 (groups of over 15 people, children up to the age of 25), reduced family € 18 (3 people), € 22 (4 people); unique ticket for residents in the Castiglione del Lago district € 4; reduced for resident families € 10 (3 people), € 12 (4 people); free for children up to 6. 

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