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Orvieto Music - Festival of Classical Music

Orvieto Music - Festival of Classical Music

“Orvieto Music”, the international festival of chamber music, is taking place from the 18th June to 9th July. 

International artists are going to perform, as always, in the Cliff Town: from United States to England, from Germany to Canada.

Since 2008 the festival has been opening with a “TrumpetFest”, a week devoted to the trumpet music: musicians coming from every part of the world are going to meet in Orvieto to attend classes, present concerts and learn something of the local culture.

Since the same year Orvieto Music has also been including “The Art of Song”, a celebration of the art of singing, and “Intensive Arches”, a focus on the music for strings with classes, rehearsals and performances for young talents who each summer arrive from all over the world. 

The calendar follows: 

22 June – Coelli Palace –“Faculty Concert”

23  June – Monaldeschi Square – “Trumpet Fest”

24  June – Lobby of the “Seven Palace” – “Trumpet Fest Final Concert”

26  June – Coelli Palace – “Special Concert”

27  June – Ridotto of the Mancinelli Theatre - Concert

29  June – National Archaeological Museum – Concert

03 July – Emilio Greco Museum – Concert

05 July - Ridotto of the Mancinelli Theatre – Concert

07  July - Expo Hall – Final concert

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