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Monte Subasio Park

Monte Subasio Park

Monte Subasio Park is steeped in the history of St. Francis, not just because it encompasses the historical centre of his native town, Assisi, but also because of the nature from which the Saint drew inspiration for his love of all creation: the olive groves that thrive on its lower slopes lead visitors upwards through dense woods of oak to the wide open fields and pasture land that characterise its summit. 

It is here, on a slope, nestled in a wood of centuries-old trees, that you'll find the Eremo delle Carceri, one of the most sacred of Franciscan destinations.


The pink stone used since ancient times to build abbeys, churches and small fortified hamlets, not to mention the Eremo and the old centre of Assisi, comes from Mt. Subasio, the mountain most closely tied in with the history of St. Francis.
As the sun sets, the stone takes on a remarkable amber hue that envelopes the entire city, countryside and the surrounding landscape, exalting its ascetic dimension.

The Park also encompasses the towns of Spello,  Nocera Umbra and the  Valtopina valley.
Of the many landmarks in the two cities, the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, with its magnificent frescoes by Pinturicchio, and the  church of San Francesco are especially worthy of note. The latter bears witness to the cult surrounding the saint, who often sojourned in Nocera Umbra during his frequent peregrinations and is where, according to reliable biographical sources, he performed several miracles.

Hiking is facilitated here by a well-planned network of trails. The mule tracks and dirt roads are ideal for horseback riding and outings on mountain bikes. If you are interested in exploring places tied to the cult of the saint, we suggest you walk along the Via di Francesco.
The special geo-morphological characteristics and currents make Monte Subasio the ideal place for paragliding and gliding, and it is also very popular with kite enthusiasts

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