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National Archaeological Museum

National Archaeological Museum - Orvieto

The Museo Archeologico Statale is hosted on the ground floor of the medieval Palazzo Martino IV, one of the three Papal Palaces standing behind the Duomo of Orvieto
The museum collects the most ancient and recent materials found, and together with the Faina Foundation Museum—located on the opposite side of Piazza Duomo—is a synthesis of the archaeological knowledge concerning Orvieto.
The National Archaeological Museum, being associated with the activities of research and study of the Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici—the Superintendence for the Archaeological Heritage of Umbria—and the scientific and cultural institutions operating in the regional territory, displays the finds coming out of the archaeological investigations and excavations, therefore it is in permanent evolution. Inaugurated in 1982, the Museum exhibition displays materials—found in the territory up to the 19th century—previously held in the archaeological section pertaining to the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo—the Museum of the Works on the Cathedral—known as MODO.
This collection of thousands of items was added to with the detached frescoes from the tombs of Golini in Porano, which had been held till 1982 in the Archeological Museum of Florence.
Furthermore the conspicuous collection of the town's most ancient finds, coming from the urban necropolises of the Crocefisso del Tufo and Cannicella, the Temples of Belvedere and Via San Leonardo and the surrounding territory, including the necropolises of Porano, Castellonchio and neighboring areas, were added to the collection. The finds are arranged following the modern topographical museum criteria. The finds recovered from recent excavations—or on-going excavation—are displayed following a rotating plan, which allows the visitor to appreciate the constant achievement of new finds


For those travelling with their own vehicle, the area of the cathedral, behind which the museum is located, is subject to the rule of LTZ (LIMITED TRAFFIC ZONE), therefore it’s necessary to carry the appropriate disabled permit to display on the car. In order to pass through the gates of the LTZ (LIMITED TRAFFIC ZONE) without incurring sanctions, you have to inform of the day of transit, the plate, the brand and the model of the car by fax to the number  0763-306341 or by email to by attaching a copy of the disabled mark or of the car’s registration document. All must be done previously or within 72 hours of the transit. 

In order to avoid the above-mentioned procedure, it’s possible to arrive in Piazza Duomo by driving along Via Postierla and Via Soliana where there are no gates but however it’s necessary to be in possession of the coupon for disabled. In proximity of the museum’s entrance, on the right side of the Dome, there are 5 reserved car parks. You can reach Piazza Duomo also with mini-busses of the urban service, and you can get off in Piazza Cahen, located near the big car park in Via Roma, reachable with one’s own vehicle and from the trains’ station by bus or funicular. 

The National Archaeological Museum of Orvieto is located on the ground floor of one among three papal palaces behind the dome and can be visited by people with motor difficulties or using aids such as wheelchairs. The facility is not provided with audio-guides. The entrance to guide dogs is allowed to facilitate the visit by people with impaired sight and blind; but there aren’t any particular services or measures. 


Piazza Duomo
05018 - Orvieto (TR) 
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