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Until 9 June 2024, it will be possible to visit three new temporary exhibitions in the splendid setting of Palazzo Collicola in Spoleto.

The ground floor of Palazzo Collicola hosts 'Infinite Childhood', a group exhibition curated by the director of the Civic Museums of Spoleto, Saverio Verini. The exhibition project is inspired by the essay "La stagione fatata" (The Fairy Season), written by Verini.

Starting from the book, the exhibition expands the research on the theme of childhood through numerous works by internationally recognised contemporary artists, including authors not mentioned in the publication, thus giving the exhibition an autonomous character. The exhibition aims to show how childhood is not simply a golden age, but a multifaceted phase of life, between discovery and trauma, play and disobedience, carefreeness and restlessness. Room after room, through the works of twenty-three artists of different generations and backgrounds, some key aspects linked to childhood are addressed: the attitude to play; the influence of the school context; the 'wild' character of childhood; the ambiguity of the fairy tale and the toy; the delicate relationship with the adult; the desire to preserve, as adults, the purity of gaze that belongs to children; and in general, the drives, expectations and traumas associated with such a multifaceted season of life. A phase that too often tends to be flattened, but of which the artists have been able to offer unexpected, intimate and poetry-laden readings.

The main floor, in the spaces adjacent to the Carandente Library, hosts the installation 'Beautiful things dissolving (an encounter)', realised in 2023 by Daniele Di Girolamo.

It is an installation that questions the theme of relationships, human relations and their transience. The installation consists of a pair of flowers - thistles - that move in space thanks to a mechanism devised by the artist, drawing orbits through the unravelling of brass tubes. Electric wires run inside the artificial stems allowing the flower to rotate on itself and seek possible contact with the other. A sound component, given by the friction between the thistles, gives the room a special, nostalgic and suspended atmosphere.

On the second floor is 'Compresenza', a solo exhibition by Eduard Habicher. The South Tyrolean artist will exhibit a series of sculptures scattered in different rooms on the floor, in direct dialogue with the permanent collection of contemporary art. The title of the exhibition is intended to suggest the presence of Habicher's works, which will be temporarily added to those already on display in the museum. Presenting themselves as 'exclamation points' within the exhibition itinerary, the works are immediately recognisable with their bright colours and sinuous shapes, obtained by manipulating industrial girders, transformed into mobile and light lines, almost floating in space. In addition to the sculptures, the artist will also present works on paper, the result of experiments carried out by Habicher through a technique involving a combustion process and the use of stainless steel on cardboard.

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