Waterfalls: incomparable spectacles
Waterfalls: incomparable spectacles
Water features in the Umbrian landscape, beyond the Marmore Falls
Menotre Waterfalls

Not far from Foligno lies one of the most charming waterfalls in Umbria: the Menotre Waterfalls. The imposing falls, such as the “Veil of the Bride”, the numerous water features and the unspoilt nature that surrounds them certainly deserve a summer excursion. It is advisable to reach the waterfalls along the shady path connecting the villages of Pale and Belfiore.

“Lu Cugnuntu” Waterfalls

In the dense forest 8 kilometres from Preci, the “Lu Cugnuntu” Waterfalls drop 20 metres into a gully carved into the limestone layers of the rock. The base of the gully is about three metres, but the walls, rising upwards, narrow until they almost join. Here your gaze is lost in admiration of the slice of sky that forms the backdrop to the entrance of the waterfall.

Ferce Waterfalls

On the slopes of Monte Pennino, in the locality of Bagnara, the springs of the Topino river give life to the beautiful Ferce Waterfalls. The geomorphological evolution of the marine sedimentary stone, which, after 140 million years, continues to transform into “travertine of Aggi”, has shaped the river, giving rise to five jumps for as many waterfalls. The lush nature is also of particular interest to geology enthusiasts.

Rasiglia and the charm of its waters

Rasiglia, at an altitude of more than 600 metres in the municipality of Foligno, is famous for its crystal-clear springs that, in multiple rivulets, run through the heart of the village, also creating small waterfalls. A stroll through the alleys in the company of the joyful gurgling of the waters, the kaleidoscope of glimmers and reverberations, and the colours of the plants and flowers with which the inhabitants embellish this little treasure. An atmosphere that has earned it the title of “Umbria’s little Venice”.

Gorgo del Fabbro, Perugia - Percorso Leonardo

Between Perugia and Gubbio, at the foot of the Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria di Montelabate, it is possible to venture along the Percorso Leonardo (Leonardo Path), a well-kept loop that climbs up to the monastery and back. At several points along the way, one encounters the Rio Santa Maria, which accompanies this enchanting walk among small bridges and waterfalls, such as the one nicknamed the “Gorgo del Fabbro” (Blacksmith’s Whirlpool).