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The Perugina School of Chocolate and the House of Chocolate

The Perugina School of Chocolate and the House of Chocolate will take you on a sweet trip at the discovery of chocolate and its thousand delicious aspects.

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Piazza Matteotti, 18 - Loggia dei Lanari - 06121 Perugia

If you wish to spend a day with all the family characterized by sweetness, we suggest you to head towards St. Sisto, one of the Perugia’s suburbs and to spend there some hours in the Perugina School of Chocolate. 

The Perugina School of Chocolate offers to anyone wishing to attend one of its courses all the knowledge of the master chocolatiers who try to reveal the secrets of a perfect chocolate, of its processing techniques and its manual tempering. The courses are for example: “Cioco Cake-Design”, “Create and Decorate your praline” “Score goal”, “The Lady of chocolate”, to satisfy the needs both of adults and children. The school has 12 workstations provided with all the necessary processing tools: each workstation can accommodate up to 2 people. 

The habitual courses’ venues are the same filming locations of the movie “Chocolate Lessons”, the famous movie by Claudio Cupellini with Violante Placido, Luca Argentero and Neri Marcorè.

After having attended one of the school’s courses and tasted your sweet creations, you could visit the Perugina House of Chocolate made up of the Historical Museum of Chocolate and the Factory.

Within the museum an itinerary will lead you through the history of the company, the evolution of its precious chocolate, starting from the land producing it, to conclude with the wonderful cakes derived from it, including the Bacio Perugina. The museum also represents an important evidence of a century of Italian business history: indeed, it hosts the Buitoni Perugina Historical Archive, protected by the Cultural Heritage Agency.

After the visit to the Museum, you could taste some of the best and most famous products of the Perugina production for then visiting the Factory producing the Baci Perugina, the Easter’s eggs, the chocolate bars and many other products that you will certainly manage to recognize.