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J’Angeli 800 - Palio of the Dome

J’Angeli 800 - Palio of the Dome

St. Mary of Angels will turn yellow, red and blue for the second edition of “J’Angeli 800 - Palio of the Dome”, the historical re-enactment of 1800 that will take place from the 9th to the 17th June 2017.


Therefore, the Umbrian village will step back in time, among historical parades, ancient trades and 1800 taverns that will be present throughout all the event, whereas the Districts of Campo, Ponte Rosso and Fornaci will challenge each other for the Palio: the victory will be attributed at the end of the historical games, among whom the “Factory Game”, news of this edition, wishing to pay tribute to the Factory that built the Basilica. 

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