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Media Valle Tour - High up among the villages of Monte Peglia

Elevation gain
1545 m
72 km
Climbing the hill where San Venanzo is perched, then descending and skirting the Tiber to Todi

In spite of its hardness, this route is certainly a must-see, especially for experienced bikers who are willing to engage in some more demanding climbs.
The challenging slopes will make you sweat, but the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you will make up for any effort. In addition, along the way you will find hotels and agritourisms where you can stay overnight and recover your energy.

The route begins in Fratta Todina and continues towards San Venanzo; a small medieval village that still preserves intact its ancient walls and narrow streets, along with its ancient culinary tradition of cured meats.
But the real highlight of this itinerary is the climb to Monte Peglia, from which one can admire a resounding panorama of the surrounding countryside.
After reaching the summit of Monte Peglia, the route winds its way through the Umbrian hills, from where one can enjoy the clamorous landscape.

Departure point Via Spineta 7, Fratta Todina
Arrival point Via Menecali 1, Todi
Distance 72 km
Elevation gain 1545 m
Duration 8 hours
Stages Fratta Todina – San Venanzo – Ospedaletto – Doglio – Monte Castello Di Vibio
Difficulty High
Surface Gravel
Bicycle types Gravel, MTB
To see nearby Parco Vulcanologico di San Venanzo


Along the way, you can also visit the Volcanological Park, which offers a panoramic view of these unique volcanic craters. This small park is a unique place where nature and volcanic activity come together to create a surreal and evocative landscape.
Given the challenging gradients, the route is suitable for experienced cyclists who want to discover Umbria's hidden treasures. You can do this even if you are not particularly well trained, provided you own/rent a good electric bike.

You will now continue slowly downhill towards the valley, in the direction of the Tiber river. You will encounter the village of Monte Castello di Vibio and the tiny hamlet of Doglio, with only 88 inhabitants.
The most demanding part of the route is done, now all that remains is to be accompanied by the Tiber to Todi, where you cannot miss a restful stop while enjoying the view of the lush scenery of the Upper Tiber.