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Imagine... to be children

Imagine... to be children

The 2017 edition of “ be kids”, the International Festival of Animated Figures and Festival of Rights to Creativity and Game, that this year reaches 30 years, will take place from the 24th to the 27th August before in the historical centre and then in the green area of Pian di Massiano in Perugia. In these four days it will be possible to give free space to fantasy, imagination and creativity.


The event is the festival devoted to the childhood with the highest level of recognition and participation among the festival taking place in Italy and Europe. It includes several performances, but also all the activities for kids ranging from the different typologies of the Figure Theatre and for Teenagers, to lab-activities in several areas: music, art, game, education, animation and social communication.

It’s a multi-generational festival for kids, parents and grandparents, but also thought for socio-cultural operators and all those who are interested in the educational field.

In order to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary, the event will be preceded by “Imagine... to be kids all throughout the summer”: performances and laboratories at the new Borgobello arena in Via del Cortone in Perugia, each Thursday from the 22nd June to the 22nd August. 

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