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Galantina di pollo
Traditional recipes

Chicken galantine

2h30 min
Cook time
1h30 min


We start by boning the chicken so that a layer of meat – that is neither too thin nor too thick – remains attached to the skin. It’s a somewhat complicated operation for those who are not practical: if this is your case, ask your trusted butcher to de-bone the chicken for you. Prepare a meat broth with 1 carrot, 1 stalk of celery and the onion cut into pieces, the water and the beef, leaving it to cook for 2 and a half hours. Meanwhile, in a large dish, prepare the filling by combining the minced pork, minced veal, 2 eggs, salt, pepper, nutmeg, pistachios, pecorino, truffle flakes and the remaining carrot and celery stalk, cut diced; also add the cooked ham and Norcia ham into small pieces and mix everything well. Then take the boneless chicken, open it and stuff it with the prepared mixture; also insert 2 hard-boiled eggs inside and close the chicken tightly, tying it with kitchen twine. At this point, wrap the chicken in a white cloth, secure it again with more kitchen twine and put it to cook in the prepared meat broth, which you have filtered in the meantime. Cook for an hour and a half, then place the chicken on a plate, still in the cloth, and place a weight on it, letting it cool for one day inside. Finally, remove the cloth and all the string and serve the cold galantine cut into slices that are not too thick.