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Emilio and Me – If it's roses they will bloom

Emilio and Me – If it's roses they will bloom

"Emilio and me" is the name of Pietro Ricci personal exhibition, that can be visited from the 21st of May to the 12th of June at the Spello District Palace.  

The Infiorata City has been chosen not casually: exactly in the halls of the ancient palace the author met the artist who inspired him, Emilio Greco, native of Catania (Sicily).

The exhibition is a dialogue between the creations of Pietro Ricci and the artworks of Emilio Greco, in a permanent exhibition: a conversation between souls, in which the Umbrian artist pays tribute to the Catania native master.

The exhibition goes on and integrates by turning into "Se son rose fioriranno" (If it's roses they will bloom) for the "Roses days", from the 3rd to the 5th of June at the Spello Villa Fidelia.


Pietro Ricci lives and works in Foligno. He is an artist, a painter, a sculptor, an author of theatrical pieces as well as of different literature works, illustrator, creator of art installations and performances.


Opening times:

Saturday: 3 – 6.30 pm

Sunday: 11 am – 1 pm/3 – 6.30 pm

Free admittance 

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