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Easter in Todi

Easter in Todi


In Todi, on the occasion of Palm Sunday, the devotional processional from the Chiesa del Monte to the Duomo will be taking place, re-enacting Christ's entry into Jerusalem.


Calendar of Easter Celebrations


24th March – Maundy Thursday

18.00, Duomo: In Coena Domini Mass


25th March – Good Friday

18.00, Duomo: Celebration of the Lord's Passion

20.30, Historic Town Centre: Re-enactment of the Passion of Christ


26th March – Holy Saturday

16.00, Church of Madonna del Campione: Blessing of food

21.30, Duomo: Easter Vigil


27th March – Easter Sunday

11.30, Duomo: Holy Mass


Collevalenza (near Todi)

On the 20th March, at 16.

00, in the Piazzale (square) of the Santuario dell'Amore Misericordioso, a re-enactment of Christ's entry into Jerusalem will take place, whilst on Good Friday, at 21.00, there will be the Via Crucis which ends with the representation of Christ's Crucifixion and Resurrection.

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Fratta Todina

The Procession of the Dead Christ takes place in Fratta Todina on Good Friday, and leaves from the Chiesa parrocchiale, arriving at a Cross which represents Golgotha and the Passion of Christ.



On Easter Monday it's time for "Lunedì di Pasqua alla Spineta – Pic-nic dell'Angelo": celebrating spirituality and traditions, the now customary picnic is back, with tastings of traditional local products.



On Sunday 20th Christ's entry into Jerusalem is re-enacted, with the procession which departing from the Church of San Francesco arrives at the Chiesa parrocchiale (parish church) of San Giovanni Battista.

Instead on Good Friday the Procession of the Dead Christ takes place departing from the parish church of San Giovanni Battista.


Massa Martana

On Good Friday, in Massa Martana, the Passion of Christ with the procession which leaving from the Chiesa parrocchiale (parish church), goes through the streets of the historic town centre to the church of Santa Maria della Pace where a re-enactment of the Crucifixion takes places.

On Easter Monday, the celebrations continue with the the "Festa del Lunedì di Pasqua".



Colpetrazzo (near Massa Martana)

On Easter Sunday the pilgrimage to the Church of Santa Maria in Pantano will be taking place. Upon arrival, the Easter Mass will be celebrated.


Monte Castello di Vibio

After the Procession of the Dead Christ on Good Friday, on Easter Monday, it is time for the traditional pilgrimage which goes from the Chiesa parrocchiale to the Franciscan convent of Santa Maria della Spineta, following ancient paths and trails.


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