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Castello di Montalfina

The Montalfina Castle

Straight as a sentinel about 600 meters high, where over a thousand years ago it was built for defensive purposes, its name comes from mons ad fines meaning “mount at the border”, because it stands in the Municipality of Castel Giorgio, in the province of Terni, a few kilometers from the province of Viterbo. Because of its history and its elegant presence on the territory, it came in the census of the Fai Places of the heart, among the heritages and places of our Country we must not forget.

The building that today you can admire, placidly immersed in the countryside six kilometers from Castel Giorgio, is made of local red stone, with a regular plan, five towers and a façade with portal and windows surrounded by rusticated.
At the center of the grassy area surrounding show off a fourteenth – century well, a Neoclassical church and several tenements, once used for storage, granaries, stables and accommodation for servitude.

However don’t be fooled by this context that bursts harmony and beauty. Like every “purebred” fortresses, also the Montalfina castle retains in the memory of its most ancient stones some stories of siege warfare and depredations.
According to legend, the Lombard emperor, who ordered to build the central tower, between the 756 and the 774 placed its foundations; later, the building was sacked by Arrigo, son of Redbeard and therefore still plundered and crippled by bandits and by soldiers from Orvieto.

Its reconstruction occurred at the hand of Monaldeschi family, that kept discontinuously the property for about a century.  
Between bloodthirsty twists and turns, in 1442 this castle was conquered by Antonio Coletta, captain of the Francesco Sforza’s armies while in 1505 a violent earthquake made it unusable.
At the end  of the sixteenth – century, under the Sforza Monaldeschi that received it as an inheritance, it was converted into a residential dwelling; later, during the first year of the Nineteenth – century, it passed to the Ravizza family that restored it in simplified solid shapes with minimum details, according to the purist style rules: what actually you can admire and that makes this building special, poised between the green countryside and the huge sky.
The current owners have executed some architectural restoration works and they transformed the Castle into a vast agricultural estate. 

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