Oratorio di San Giovanni Decollato

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Via Cassian Bon, 4 - 05100 Terni
The oratory of St. Giovanni Decollato, placed on left side of the entrance door to the ancient Stroncone’s castle, is an authentic jewel of art and architecture.
Seat of the Confraternity, it keeps artworks of value workmanship by Giuseppe Bastiani called Giuseppino from Macerata. The lateral lunettes carry depictions of the four stories of the Saint’s life: Nativity - S. John in the desert - Annunciation to Zaccaria - Visit to the prison of the disciples, whereas the Baptism is represented at the centre of the vault divided into compartments through stucco and grotesque cornices alternated to small landscapes and folders with Latin writings attributable to Battista.
Very beautiful is the altarpiece of the high altar representing its martyr, also result of the Bastiani’s brush. The head of the martyr Saint that inevitably attracts the viewer’s eyes, concentrates the whole pathos of the representation. Two Baroque altars and elegant stucco, made by two authors from Stroncone, the brothers Gregorio and Cristoforo Grimani, complete the inside of this church, the most beautiful one, from the artistic point of view, in Stroncone.