The Geographical Centre of Mainland Italy - Cardona Bridge

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Where is central Italy located?

Different locations among Umbria and Lazio claim its exact location, nevertheless according to a series of tests carried out by Giuseppe Angeletti, scholar and passionate geographer of Perugia, and the Military Geographic Institute of Florence, the Geographical Centre of Mainland Italy would be placed along the itinerary of the Formina's Roman aqueduct, next to the Cardona bridge, one of the most enchanting Roman bridges of Narni. 

Il luogo è attualmente segnalato da un cippo con rilievo a spirale terminante con un elemento in acciaio, che permette al visitatore di toccare materialmente questo punto ideale e dall'alto valore simbolico.


The place is currently marked by a memorial stone with a spiral-shaped relief ending in a steel element, allowing the visitor to physically touch this ideal and highly symbolic point.


Cardona Bridge

The Bridge is located in the Montello area: it is possible to reach it through an itinerary sided by big oaks and holm oaks.

This is a Roman bridge built as a square with travertine ashlars.

It is a slightly elevated single round arch and it preserves the bracelet, the vault, the piers and part of the shoulders of the original structure.

A 2000-years old architecture emerges from a web of spontaneous and strong vegetation, in order to remind that the man, when he wants, can perfectly agree with the nature. 

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