Corbara Lake

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Corbara Lake is a reservoir, created by the damming of the close to the town of Corbara (TR).

The dam blocking the Tiber at about 3 km from the confluence with the Paglia river, determines the accumulation of 207 million cubic meters in the reservoir of Lake Corbara, which reaches a maximum depth of 51 m covering an area of about 10, 5 km. The lake is in a beautiful valley that is open from Forello gorges.
Corbara Lake is part of the protected area of the Tiber River Park, where you can spot beautiful specimens of herons and other species of small and rare birds rare to find shelter in the lush vegetation in the park river. Regarding fauna there's the presence of deer and mouflon. In the southern sector there are olive groves and vineyards of great interest.
The most upstream part is full of tall forests, the flora has a large number of precoius species.
For lovers of nature you can stroll along the banks of the lake, visit the Forello Gorge, karst bays carved by the Tiber and the beautiful caves which open on the sides of the lake where you can go caving, among which the Grotta Bella and the Cave of the Plain. Corbara Lake, besides having a great scenic interest, is considered by anglers one of the most attractive lakes of central Italy particularly for carp fishing.

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