Città della Pieve

Church of Santi Gervasio e Protasio

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Piazza Mazzini 10 - 06061 Castiglione del Lago
The cathedral of Città della Pieve is the church of Santi Gervasi e Protasio. It’situated at Piazza Gramsci and Plebiscito, the most central square of the city.
The Church stands on the site of a primitive church dedicated to the Holy Martyrs Gervasio and Protasio. Perhaps it was erected in the eighth century and expanded in the mid-thirteenth centur. In the sixteenth century the church was completely renovated and onsecrated in 1584, then again it was modificated after the trasformation to Cathedral. Under the church there are remains of the original building dating back to the thirteenth century. There are a crypt, part of the façade, on which it’s visible a series of Gothic arches. The lower part of the bell tower with a series of mullioned windows, three lights and four . In the sixteenth century the church was raised and built the external staircase floor; in 1574 he redid the apse. The truss roof collapsed in 1667 and was replaced with a brick vault in 1679. The interior, with a nave, a Latin cross with side chapels. In the counter frescoes by Annibale Ubertis of the late nineteenth century they are visible. In the first chapel on the right it is a beautiful wooden crucifix attributed to Peter Teutonic (XVI century); in the second chapel it is a Madonna and Child with Angels and Saints by Domenico Alfani; in the third chapel there are kept frescoes by Giacinto Boccanera dating the beginning of the eighteenth century. In the presbytery there is a Madonna with Saints John the Evangelist, John the Baptist, Peter Martyr and Blessed Giacomo Villa Giannicola of Paul and the apse a Madonna and Child with Saints Peter, Paul, Gervasio and Protasio (1514)by the Perugino, which is also the author of the San Giovanni Battista (1510)in the first chapel on the left.