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St. Valentine's Marathon

St. Valentine's Marathon

A running event devoted to love is going to cross the Valnerina's most fascinating and emblematic spots: it's the "St. Valentin's Marathon", this year on schedule on the 19th February. 

The competition, as always divided between Marathon and Half Marathon, is going to propose an entirely new itinerary for the 2017 edition.

It's going to leave from Terni, the Love's Town, visiting its surroundings until the St. Valentine's Cathedral. It's going then to descend into the Valnerina: Ferentillo, Montefranco, Arrone, Castel Di Lago and Torre Orsina, until the impressive and magic Marmore's Waterfall, the Love's Emblem, as reminded by the legend about its origins.

The legend tells that a nymph called Nera fell in love with the shepherd Velino, but Juno, who became aware of this love, turn the nymph in a river, that was later called Nera (Black). Therefore Velino jumped off the Marmore's cliff, to join again his beloved.

That waterfall, nowadays the Marmore's Waterfall, is the symbol of their eternal love. 

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