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The “Pinoccate” are Umbrian traditional cakes, tied to Christmas festivities, based on sugar and pine-nuts. 
They have a peculiar diamond shape and can be white or black (in the chocolate version). 
Packed with coloured papers, they are based on a dough made up of water and sugar, the latter one will be boiled until it turns into a thick syrup, with which the pine-nuts will be later soaked. 
Pour the whole on a marble top; while it cools down, many small diamonds will be shaped. 



In a pot mix the sugar with 150 gr. water, bring it to boil and, when it reaches the degree of flush cooking, remove it from heat and incorporate, while keeping stirring them, the pine-nuts and the grated lemon’s peel. Pour it immediately on a marble top previously soaked and with the blade of a knife level its surface. Before it cools down, cut the “pinoccate” by using a smooth-blade knife, by shaping some diamonds. 
If you follow this procedure you will be able to make both kinds of “pinoccate”. In order to prepare the black “pinoccate”, it’s sufficient to replace the lemon’s peel with cocoa.