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Acquacotta is a recipe shared by Umbria and Tuscany, but with some variations.

It’s a dish with a particularly genuine taste. 



Let 1 kg of sliced onions fry with a little oil and 1 spoon of minced lard, then add salt and pepper.

Once onions have been softened (yet without getting brown), add 500 grams of ripe peeled and seedless tomatoes, and some mint leaves (that you can replace, if you want, with basil).

After about 10 minutes add about one litre and a half of water and let it cook for 1 hour.

Check the salt, therefore pour the soup directly into the bowls, where there will be already some slices of stale or toasted homemade bread.

Dress the whole with a rivulet of fresh olive oil, plentiful pecorino or grated parmesan and a little grinding of pepper.

Wait some minutes before eating, so that the bread can well absorb the broth.