Surround yourself by nature and the scenery of the most characteristic regional natural parks 

Umbria is the "Green Heart of Italy" and is home to many parks and protected nature zones ideal for an adventurous holiday of exploration and discovery.

Umbria encompasses large part of the Monti Sibillini national park as well as seven regional parks: the park of Colfiorito, of Monte Cucco, Monte Subasio, the Tiber river park, the park of Monte Peglia and Selva di Meana, the park of Lago Trasimeno and the Nera river park.
Each one has a different story to tell through its environmental and naturalistic features, the fascinating flora, fauna, streams and rivers, lakes and geological stratifications, the distinguishing aspects that are the essence of Umbrian parks, all of which are also home to historical and cultural remains linked to the great roads of the past.

Umbrian parks are home to unusual flora and fauna of great interest from a naturalistic point of view.

Come and enjoy the many parks with your friends and family, the nature that awaits you here is truly unique!