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Villages and events not to be missed in summer
Villages and events not to be missed in summer
A journey through jazz notes, medieval dances, and centuries-old traditions.

Fiordicacio - Vallo di Nera - June

Between woods, mountains and castles stands the medieval village of Vallo di Nera. Here, generations of shepherds have handed down the art of cheese-making. Would you like to discover its secrets? Then don't miss the market exhibition of excellent artisan cheeses and typical Umbrian products. And again, many open-air activities await you, such as rafting along the Nera river, excursions along the valley paths, and donkey rides, to experience unique moments in nature.

Narnia Festival - Narni - July

Every summer Narni, with its Festival, hosts artists and masters from the most renowned national and international schools. Musical masterclasses, dance, opera, theatre, cultural activities and food and wine events... the village of Narni is transformed into a vibrant stage, offering performances, meetings and walks through its alleys, to explore the medieval artistic heritage and the events that have marked its history.

Festival of Waters - Piediluco - July

A summer solstice celebration that goes back a long way. Already in Roman times, the inhabitants paid homage to the water deities by decorating their boats. Here we are in the cool mountain lake of Piediluco, where every year its inhabitants offer a great celebration. In the middle of the night, allegorical boats parade on the surface of the water, a fireworks display illuminates the lake and all the curious on its shores.

Gubbio - Wonderlast Festival - July

In a spacious dancefloor surrounded by greenery, get ready to experience two days of music and fun, enriched by a wide variety of musical genres and engaging activities. You are in the 'city of crazies', where an ironic and joyful spirit reigns supreme. Before immersing yourself in the festivities, explore the beauty of the town and don't forget to take three laps around the famous Eugubinian fountain. According to ancient tradition, you can request a special parchment: the 'madman's licence'. Are you ready?

Palio dei Quartieri - Nocera Umbra - August

Two important eras, the 19th century and the Middle Ages, are compared by the inhabitants of Nocera Umbra. We find ourselves on the slopes of Monte Pennino, in what is called the city of waters. Countless mineral water springs, recognised since the Renaissance for their therapeutic properties, flow in this town. The medieval and 19th-century quarters compete in historical re-enactments, period gastronomy and theatrical performances, alongside athletic competitions that lead one of the quarters to victory in the Palio.

Vinarelli - Torgiano - August

Torgiano, a fortified medieval village nestled in hills of vineyards and olive groves, annually hosts artists and amateur painters who create paintings and sketches with a special ingredient: wine. Exhibitions, conviviality, food and wine are the protagonists of the event that celebrates the great and historical passion for wine production, typical of the village.

Humus Music Fest - Monte del Lago, Magione - August

A day of fun and art in all its forms awaits you on the shores of Lake Trasimeno. An entire beach will be in celebration thanks to a variety of activities even for children, with music by independent artists in the background that will make everyone dance until late at night. The location is Monte del Lago, in Magione, a small village surrounded by castles and period villas, a source of inspiration for poets and artists, including the famous poetess Vittoria Aganoor.

Onion Festival - Cannara - September

A gastronomic excellence of our region are certainly the onions of Cannara. It is thanks to its clay soil, abundant in water and rich in potassium, that in this village, for over four generations, onion growers have handed down the tradition of their cultivation. The flavour of the Cannara onion is celebrated in a festival in which it can be tasted in many dishes, prepared in the restaurants and stands scattered around the town. One of the territory's appointments with the authenticity of rural culture.

Festival of the Piana del Cavaliere - Orvieto - September

One of the few stable orchestras in central Italy, made up of young professionals and a talented conductor, will take you to the end of the summer with a rich programme of cultural, theatrical and classical and contemporary music events in the most important and fascinating artistic and cultural settings of the City of the Cliff, Orvieto, amidst Gothic architecture, Renaissance masterpieces and underground jewels.