Spoleto's Crescionda

Spoleto's Crescionda

Serves 8
30 minutes


“Casa che vai, Crescionda che trovi”. (When you go home, you find Crescionda)

Every family in Spoleto and surroundings has its own personalized and secret recipe for this dessert. Crescionda is a typical sweet characteristic of the Spoleto Carnival, but which is now enjoyed at any time of the year.

Its name derives from “crescia unta”, meaning “focaccia oleosa” (oily flatbread) – because of its soft consistency and shiny appearance – although oil has never been an ingredient in its preparation.

As far as we know, Crescionda has its roots in the Middle Ages. One ancient version, in addition to chocolate, called for the use of chicken broth, breadcrumbs and pecorino cheese. A bittersweet flavour that then, over the centuries, has definitely evolved along with the more modern idea of dessert: today Crescionda is prepared with milk, eggs, dark chocolate and amaretti (almond biscuits). A special feature is that its three layers form spontaneously during baking. Almost a magic cake then, delicate, aromatic, creamy.

This dessert is able to surprise and reveals the tasty side of beautiful Spoleto. It is quick and easy to make at home. Follow the recipe and try it yourself!

Spoleto's Crescionda

First, chop up the dark chocolate with the amaretti;

Mix in the flour, cinnamon and grated lemon peel;

In a separate bowl, beat together the eggs and sugar, gradually adding the milk until the mixture is foamy;

Pour the wet mixture over the dry ingredients and gently mix;

Stir in the mistrà liqueur and dissolve any lumps;

Pour the batter into a buttered, floured 24 cm baking pan;

Bake in an oven preheated to 160° for 20 minutes;

Cool, sprinkle with icing sugar and serve.

If desired, serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.