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Invisible Places – Discovering Perugia

Invisible Places – Discovering Perugia

Weekends of 16-18 and 23-25 September will be full of appointments to visit places of Umbria's main city that are usually not open or little known, with the goal of promoting the artistic and cultural heritage of Perugia and its surroundings. 

These two weekends will be devoted to guided visits, initiatives and itineraries outside traditional paths, offering an unexpected Perugia to anyone willing to participate.

This journey will wind through Perugia's streets, touching Sperandio's Etruscan Tomb, St. Francesco al Prato's Church, Eremita's Church along Appia street, the Capitolo Museum of San Lorenzo's Cathedral in Perugia, towers and terraces offering an original view over the city, Pietro Vannucci Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia, Borgo Bello's gardens. 

There will be many other appointments with a series of special openings (such as the St. Maria Nuova's Church along via Pinturicchio or the St. Giuliana's Church and cloister) and side events amongst trekking and theatre performances. 

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