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Rotolo di porchetta fatto in casa
Traditional recipes

Homemade porchetta roll

Serves 8 - 10 people
Cook time
about 2 hours and 30 minutes

Porchetta is a tasty dish with an unmistakable aroma, excellent for stuffing a good sandwich.

Now regarded as one of the best street food in the world, it is celebrated in the Porchetta d'Italia 'Porchettiamo' festival, an unmissable event for those with a sweet tooth.

There are different variations of the recipe in each locality and even each producer keeps his own secrets.

The original Umbrian recipe calls for the use of the whole boned pig or the piglet stuffed with its own innards and seasoned with various herbs, including the ever-present wild fennel.

It is precisely this aromatic herb that differentiates Umbrian porchetta from those of other regions.

It is not easy to prepare it at home, but you can always try. Here is a recipe for a roll made from parts of the porchetta, if you don't have the time and space to cook it entirely.


Start by laying the pork belly with the rind facing down on the work surface. First rub the meat with garlic, salt and pepper and place the wild fennel on top. Place the pork loin in the centre, which you will have cut open. Then cut the liver into pieces, season with salt and pepper and place it in the centre of the preparation. In addition to the liver, you can also add the other pork offal and cartilage.

Roll everything up, trying to compact the meat well. Tie your porchetta tightly with string, making small slits in the rind, which will allow the fat to melt and drip out during cooking.

Wrap the porchetta in tin foil so that all the flavours will be preserved inside. Place in the oven at 180 degrees, on a grill and with a pan underneath with a little water inside. Let it cook for an hour and a half, turn the oven to 220 degrees and continue cooking for another hour. Remove it from the oven, cut it with a serrated knife and it is ready.

It can be enjoyed either hot or cold to your liking.