The Truffle Hunter’s Saddlebag

The Truffle Hunter’s Saddlebag

On the 7th and 8th October Citerna is going to host the 16th edition of the “Truffle’s Saddlebag - Flavours and Knowledge of the Tiber Valley”, a cultural as well as food and wine festival.


The name of the event comes from the Saddlebag, a humble jar that has been used since the Middle Ages to pick truffles and that, on this occasion, is going to open to visitors who will be able to taste the extraordinary products of the Upper Tiber’s Valley: a chest full of products rich in quality, flavours, flavourings and colours.

Focus of the two-days event will be the market exhibition devoted to the several products of the wood, starting from truffle, as well as the craft and artistic activities of the Upper Tiber’s Valley area.

Furthermore the festival renews the appointment with the “Palio of Saddlebag”, among historical parades and the challenge among archers who will recall the Middle Ages. 

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