GEOLAB - Museum laboratory of Earth sciences

GEOLAB - Museum laboratory of Earth sciences

The Geolab is a permanent exhibition space dedicated to the dissemination of Earth Sciences.


At the Geolab it is forbidden not to touch. Indeed, the Geolab is more than a museum, almost a laboratory, and it houses a series of interactive machines that guide the visitor to the observation and scientific experimentation.


The visit passes through five rooms, along a path that, like a sort of progressive zoom, accompanies the visitor from the discovery of the structure of the earth, to the reading of the landscape and the main geological emergencies of Umbria.


The exhibition was designed by Mizar di Paco Lanciano and the video presentation by Piero Angela introduces the topics that will be covered.

The first room opens with the discovery, thanks to a special lens, of the division of the earth into large plates. We then enter the centre of the earth, to see how our planet is made inside.

In the second room the visitor, with the help of an interactive model, discovers how mountain ranges are created, why earthquakes are caused and where volcanoes are formed...

The third room leads to the geodynamic events of the Mediterranean area and Italy.

The fourth room is dedicated to the birth of Umbria, fossils and microscopic examination of the rocks’ secrets.

In the fifth room you can learn about the main phenomena and places of geological interest in Umbria.

The Geolab is a great adventure, an environment rich in stimuli and emotions where you can participate actively through original and funny experiments.


For information and reservations

It is only possible to visit the Museum by reservation by calling the following telephone number +39 3493966364. 
The visit is reserved for groups.

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