Festival of Correspondences

Festival of Correspondences

The sixth edition of the “Festival of Correspondences” is returning from the 1st to the 3rd of September in Monte del Lago (Magione). 

The event, born in the field of the Vittoria Aganoor Pompilj National Prize reserved for letters and correspondences, involves all spots of the village with musical events, theatre performances, musical-artistic-literary itineraries, in the villas and surroundings of the village; small markets; laboratories for adults and kids; market exhibitions of books; tastings of wine, oil and typical products; creations of reading and writing corners in different parts of the village.

This event is called “slow”: the main element indeed is creating a context where people could experience with calm and tranquillity what is proposed in a beautiful place from the naturalistic perspective, where it’s possible to find spaces and moments of discussion. Everything shall be representative of the spot, narrate its history but, at the same time, make participants the protagonists of the event. The letter, with its strong emotional charge, with its ability to access the most intimate part of people, represents a means of deep involvement: for this reason in the village there are stations to write letters that will be later sent by the organization.


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