Edicola Pian d'Arca

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Corso Cavour 126 - 06034 Foligno
In 1926 in the locality Piandarca the shrine was erected on the occasion of the VII centenary of St. Francis's death, in the place where there was the rock which the Saint was placed on during the sermon to the birds. It's told that it happened between 1212 and 1213.

The shrine, protected by a wall, is characterized by a fresco of St. Francis talking to the birds and, below, a marble slab on which is engraved: "In this place where St. Francis taught the praises of God the Creator to his little sisters, the birds, telling them you don't sow neither reap, God feeds you and gives you the rivers and the sources God feeds you for your drink and God gives you the mountains and valleys for your refuge and the tall trees to make your nest and they with wonderful songs he shared out to proclaim to the world the word of renewed life in the faith of God's providence."

Crossing a gate and go down a few steps it is possible to reach a small altar.

Fonte:  Turrioni, O., (2010). Cannara. Piandarca della "Predica agli Uccelli". Letteratura e tradizione.