Abbazia di San Benedetto Vecchio – Abbey of San Benedetto Vecchio

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The abbey is found along the "strada provinciale" road which goes from Pietralunga to Reggio, on a hill, quite isolated from the nearest town or village. 

The monastery, known as "San Benedetto Vecchio" as well as "Monte Pellio", has undergone many modifications. The church has a trussed ceiling with wooden beams and ends with a semi-circular apse. Outside you can see the different types of construction used on the building, deducing that its oldest part is that close to the apse.

The church is mentioned in an Act from 1191, and prospered until the beginning of the 15th century. As in similar circumstances, the Comune of Gubbio took measures to protect the abbey and ensure the safety of the monks, erecting a fortified tower or fortilitium, which housed a small military garrison. We have documentation about it from the 14th to the 15th centuries.