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Sculptors in Brufa. The Street of Wine and Art - 31st edition

Sculptors in Brufa. The Street of Wine and Art - 31st edition

The project “Sculptors in Brufa. The Street of Wine and Art” was born in 1987 with the goal of carrying on an original and modern artistic experience: the establishment of a real open-air museum. 

Indeed, since then, each year a sculptor has been invited to exhibit his own works along the streets overlooking the vineyards and the small squares of the village, so to acquire one artwork for each artist.

The result, always in becoming, is an itinerary of contemporary sculptures executed by nationally and internationally renowned artists in an harmonious union among nature, urban and rural landscape as well as contemporary sculpture.


In this 31st edition, that will be launched on Friday 25th August, it will be the turn of Gianni Pettena to execute the artwork: "Architecture forgiven by nature" is the title that the artist gave to the environmental sculpture located on the Hill of Sculptures, that uses the already existing water tower.

From the 25th August to the 3rd September 2017 at the Multi-purpose council Room in Brufa it will be also possible to visit a personal exhibition of the artist/architect, within the scope of the 49th edition of “Brufa is celebrating”.


Installed Artworks

Massimo Pierucci, Marcello Sforna, Mario Pizzoni, Agapito Miniucchi, Giuliano Giuman, Aurelio De Felice, Bruno Liberatore, Nino Caruso, Loreno Sguanci, Umberto Mastroianni, Mirta Carroli, Carlo Lorenzetti, Joaquín Roca-Rey, Nicola Carrino, Giuliano Giuliani, Gino Marotta, Eliseo Mattiacci, Mauro Staccioli, Valeriano Trubbiani, Pietro Cascella, Teodosio Magnoni, Federico Brook, Umberto Corsucci, Ettore Consolazione, Beverly Pepper, Federica Marangoni, Marco Mariucci, Tito Amodei, Paolo Pasticci.

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