Preggio - Umbertide

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Corso Cavour 5 - 06012 Città di Castello
The picturesque village of Preggio is located near the border with the territory of Passignano.
In the area remains a sign of Etruscan roots: on Mount Murlo, just north of Preggio, there are remains of Etruscan walls dating to the IV century BC. The location is indicated by the name of Bellona or Bellonia, and it was an important road junction, whereas it was along the shortest route that linked Cortona to Perugia, and on the road connecting the Upper Tiber Valley to Lake Trasimeno. On June 25, 217 BC, the Carthaginian and Roman troops clashed at the torrent valley Niccone, to Bellona; the Romans, veterans who escaped from the battle of Trasimeno, were defeated. These events are remembered by a large number of local place names: Pugnano, Monte Corvino, worse (now Preggio), Pian di Marte.