Perugino. Sposalizio della Vergine. Il cantiere della bottega rinascimentale

"In S. Lorenzo, Duomo of the same city (...) he painted again, at the altar of the Sagramento, where the ring with which the Virgin Mary was married, the marriage of the Virgin." 

With these words Giorgio Vasari describes the precious painting that Pietro Perugino executed, between 1501 and 1504 for the Chapel of the Holy Ring in the Cathedral of San Lorenzo in Perugia, here remained until 1798 when it was requisitioned by the Napoleonic troops.
A strong bond unites the ancient jewel, preserved in the chapel dedicated to San Giuseppe and the commission in Perugino, in which they blend together history and devotion of the city of Perugia. This close relationship gave rise to one of the masterpieces of Italian Renaissance art to which, a few years later, Raffaello Sanzio would also be inspired.
More than two centuries after the start of the work, the Island of San Lorenzo - Museum of the Chapter of the Cathedral, as part of the project 'Perugino nel segno del tempo', organizes from 23 September 2023 to 8 January 2024 a workshop curated by Bottega Tifernate in which will take shape the realization of a 1:1 scale reproduction of the Marriage of the Virgin using the technique of pictography.
One of the aspects most studied by art critics has highlighted the important role that the workshop, intended and conceived as a place for training students and the transmission of knowledge, had in the work of Perugino, and that is why the island of San Lorenzo, proposes for the autumn period an event with a strong educational value.

The yard is an opportunity for tourists and visitors to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a Renaissance workshop made of drawings, dusts, brushes, various pigments and precious wooden supports: a place where, through the skill of the craftsman depositary of ancient knowledge, Works of art come to life, just as they did centuries ago.
The initiative is also an opportunity to deepen the relationship between the Divine Painter and the Cathedral of Perugia.
In addition to the construction site, with the same entrance ticket, you can visit the Museum of the Chapter of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo.
A docufilm dedicated to the history of the Holy Ring, created in collaboration with the journalist Roberto Fontolan and the narrator of Alessandro Haber, completes the tour, recounting the fascinating story of the precious jewel that arrived in the city in 1473 and kept in the Cathedral of San Lorenzo from 1488, inside the ancient chest for which fourteen keys are needed.


10.30 - 13.30 / 14.30 - 19.00
Last entry 30 minutes before closing.


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