Orvieto Photography

Orvieto Photography

For three days the Cliff Town will be once again the capital of national and international photography: from 9th to 11th March the town will renew the appointment with “Orvieto Photography”, the International Festival of Photography.


“The beauty will save the world” is the title chosen for the 2017/8 edition that, one more time, will turn the city into a place of encounter and exchange for artists, photographers, scholars, but also simple enthusiasts, visitors, students, technical institutes and academies of fine arts: anyone who is interested in the video-production and in the all-round communication sector.

The programme offers a calendar rich with activities including workshops, meetings, in-depth analysis, seminars and readings: all at the presence of exceptional guests, such as Renée Jacobs, one of the most famous photographers of the female nude of our time; Hermes Mangialardo, a cartoonist, video-maker, visual performer, 3D mapper or Alex Coghe, photo-reporter, editor, writer and street photographer.

It will be a weekend during which the splendid historical centre of Orvieto will become a dynamic crossroads of inputs, ideas, meetings, exchanges and projects. 

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