Museum's games. Ancient and modern toys

Museum's games. Ancient and modern toys

Ancient and modern games are the protagonists of the exhibition inaugurated the last 7 December at the Umbrian National Archeological Museum in Perugia. These objects, such as the copy of loaded dies from the Roman Age, are designed for the amusement of children or adults.


There will be hinged bone-in dolls, checkers, small animals, depictions of ludic activities in the painted vases telling an innate aspect of the human activity that has always been present in each culture and latitude.

Among the various exhibiting objects, a very rare ceramic-made spin of Etruscan origin stands out and contains some small stones producing sounds during the rotation.

Furthermore, from December 21 the Toys' Museum will also provide some modern objects in exhibition. The exhibition, organized in different sections, collects a series of pieces, some of them very rare, of an epoch loved by generations that lived their childhood mostly between 1950s and 1960s. 

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