Mid-August Holiday in Spoleto

Mid-August Holiday in Spoleto

The Mid-August Holiday in Spoleto is returning with its 37th edition in the Two Worlds Festival Town: many initiatives are on schedule from the 9th to the 19th August. 

Ten days among culture, food and wine and entertainment are going to include theatre performances, different trekking appointments to the discovery of the territory, through live music and the tastings devoted to the typical products.


Here for the complete calendar of events. 

For further information: 

"A. Busetti" Spoleto Tourist office

Via Minervio 2 Phone number and Fax 0743 46484 – Mob. 331/8855493

E-mail: info@prolocospoleto.it - prospoleto@gmail.com

Website: www.prolocospoleto.it

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