Italian Panorama in Perugia

Italian Panorama in Perugia

The Italian Panorama is arriving in Perugia: from the 11th until the 14th May the tour of the Mondadori weekly magazine is landing in the Umbria county seat. 

A lot of awaited guests: for the cultural scene there is going to be the trip amongst the city secrets and the Vittorio Sgarbi lectio magistralis, until the music with Mogol.

In the political scene, there is going to be the Agricultural, Forestry and Food Policies Minister Maurizio Martina and the meeting with the President of the Region Catiuscia Marini. Also worth mentioning are: the author meeting with Gianluca Nuzzi, author of "Via Crucis", and the evening at the cinema with Christian De Sica and Lucia Mascino, until the appointments organized by the monthly magazine Focus about environment and space.

To participate to the events, it is necessary to register on the website

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