Marmore Falls footpaths
Entdecken Sie die Valnerina

Marmore Falls footpaths

Lose yourself in the hearth of this waterfall along the six natural paths which weave their way inside the Park.

If you are interested in seeing the Marmore Waterfall from different points of view and if you want to totally lose yourself in the surrounding countryside, there’s for you an extensive paths and routes network well marked and plotted which weaves its way inside the Park.

You will be welcomed by a luxuriant and rich vegetation and by a natural environment populated by holm oak, black hornbeam, alder trees and Aleppo pines. Many aquatic animals complete this ecosystem zone. Paths are populated by many species of birds, among them the crag martin, the redstart, the short-toed eagle and the kestrel.

Path no. 1 “Old passage”
It’s a challenging path, less than 1 km in length with an altitude difference of 150m. (walking time: 1h 5min, of which 40min rising), it’s the only one leading you to the Lovers Balcony, just under the first Waterfall jump. It’s a slice of heaven, set in the travertine rock, from which just stretching your hand you can touch the Velino river waters in free fall.
On the Top Viewpoint border we find the “Specola” (Observatory), a small panoramic tower erected in 1781 by Pope Pio VI. From here you can see the Marmore rainbow, evident when there are peculiar weather conditions related to the presence of steam.

Path no. 2 “Nymph’s Ring”
It’s an easy and short path which leads you in the hearth of the Waterfall (300m, with an altitude difference of 40m and a walking time of 20 minutes). The water sound and the untouched nature make it one of the most exciting. Starting from the Centre of Environmental education zone in the Bottom Viewpoint, walking down some stairs and some wood walkways, you will go through a Waterfall back channel, hidden in the rich vegetation. We’re talking about a small waterfall, lateral relative to the second jump.

Path no. 3 “Waters Meeting”
It’s another easy path, but really beautiful (150m in length and an altitude difference of 15m and a walking time of 20 minutes). This path will lead you in the down side of the waterfall until the Nera riverbed. In this zone, because of the water pressure on the middle tiers, is formed an aerosol which creates an habitat full of vegetation.

Path no. 4 “The majesty”
Known as the Pennarossa’s path, it’s the tourist route par excellence; the largest part of this place photos, which surely you have seen, were taken from the viewpoint along this path. A moderately difficulty for 500m in length will take you to the impressive view of the three waterfall jumps.

Path no. 5 “The cliff and the man”
This easy path is 1km in length, starting from the Top Viewpoint, it’s a level road path and it extends on the Marmore edge, giving us stunning landscapes.

Path no. 6 “The expert holm oak”
This path of 1km in length connects the Bottom Viewpoint to the Top Viewpoint and it’s suitable for expert hikers, equipped with trekking shoes because it contains a rough terrain sometimes steep. 

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