Francis and the painted cross

Francis and the painted cross

The exhibition "Francis and the painted cross" will be devoted to the development of the painted cross, starting from the 1270s until the 1320s, on schedule from 30 October 2016 until 30 January 2017 in the Umbria National Gallery's Podiani Hall.


The exhibition, including nine masterpieces of Umbrian origin, retraces the iconographic development of the cross in the West, deepening the relationship linking it to St.Francis, always portrayed at the foot of the cross, in the act of worshipping Christ.

The collection is opened by the cross made by the Master of St. Francis (1272), among the first ones to portray the kneeling saint, and is closed by the crucifix made by the Master of the Cross in Trevi (1315 – 1320) where the portrayal of St. Francis, leaned on the Golgota's hill, is much bigger than the one appearing in the twelfth century's crosses.

Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday, 8.30 am – 7.30 pm; Monday closed. 

For further information:
Phone number: 075.58668415 

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