60th Festival of the Two Worlds

60th Festival of the Two Worlds

The Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto is going to take place this year from the 30th June to the 16th July and offers its audience 17 days of big events, by turning the city in a true stage that will host performances of opera, music, theatre and dance, exhibitions, cinema appointments and several guests. 

Today in its 60th edition, the Festival of Spoleto confirms its original character and the prestige of an important international appointment. As historical meeting place among different cultures, today it offers an extensive showcase to big and emerging artists and above all it is an unstoppable workshop of original productions.

Waiting to find out more, here are for the moment some highlights of the 2017 edition: the chosen opening work is the "Don Giovanni" by Mozart, that concludes the three-years artistic project of the Mozart/Da Ponte trilogy, carried out thanks to the collaboration with the Ravenna Festival, the Young Orchestra Luigi Cherubini and the Coccia Theatre in Novara.

The closing concert, instead, will feature Riccardo Muti who will direct his loved Youth Orchestra Lugi Cherubini founded by himself in 2004.

The festival wants furthermore to devote a moment of reflection and recollection to the earthquake that hit the Central Italy, by stifling hundreds of stories.

For the occasion the festival commissioned to Silvia Colasanti the writing of a Requiem, for soloists, choir and orchestra: the appointment will be on the 2nd July in the Dom Square.

A show in the Chinese language based on the comedy "He had two guns with white and black eyes", that Dario Fo wrote in 1960, will be presented from the 7th to the 9th July. With the direction of the most innovative and famous Chinese theatrical director, Meng Jinghui, this first Italian staging of the Dario Fo's text in Chinese will be a tribute to our big author and Nobel Prize for the Literature, beyond an obvious signal of the growing cultural interest between Italy and China.

Another unmissable event at the Caio Melisso Theatre will be the show "La Scortecata", freely based on the "Lo cunto de li cunti" by Giambattista Basile with Carmine Maringola and Salvatore D'Onofrio, with the text and direction of Emma Dante. 

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